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Total Tank

Automated Emulsion Storage Tank

Key To An Efficient Road Repair System

Ladder and the Top of tank
Complete With Saftey Cage
Emulsion Quantity Measuring System
Two Heated & Insulated 3"
Ball Valves
Hose Carrier (optional)
Heavy Duty Steel Base Stand
Enclosed Electrical
Automated Agitation
Entire tank insulated 3" high
density foil backed insulation
3003 Alloy Aluminum Outer Skin
Electrical Heating System
Rubberized roof Coating

Save Labor & Material

Cost - Emulsion Mixture

is Always Ready for your

Road Repair Crew

     Finally, there is an Automated Emulsion Storage System that is specially designed for the proper storage and handling of asphalt emulsions. The Total Tank Emulsion Storage System By Total Patcher gently heats and agitates emulsions to preserve their preformance and ease of application.

   3000 to 10000 Gallon   

  Optional Stand Heights 

The agitator rotates, moving the emulsion evenly and gently throught the tank. The heaters keep the emulsion at the proper temperature, ready for use

click to read article on proper emulsion storage procedure

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Skid Tank

1000 Gallon Heated & Insulated

Electrical Heating System
16 inch D.O.T. lid
Optional Pump System
3003 Alloy Aluminum Outer Skin

System Features:

  • Weatherproof NEMA 3R enclosure protects electrical system.

  • Entire tank insulated with 3-foil backed high density insulation with heat sheild.

  • Tank Is covered with an aluminum protective sheet.

  • 16" D.O.T. access lid

  • 10 foot electrical cord with twist lock plug

  • Two 1000 watt 220 volt heat blankets with thermostatic control.

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