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Tanker Trailer

Portable Emulsion Storage System

Heavy Duty Jack
ASME Certified
Pressure Vessel
16" Fill Cap
Onboard Emulsion
Clean Out System
12,000 lb, 8 lug
Torsion Suspension
Electrical Heating System
Emulsion Level Gauge

     Transporting asphalt emulsion is now a breeze with

the Total Tanker Air Force. The Tanker uses compressed air to force the liquid asphalt emulsion out of the tank. No Pumps to clean or maintenance. Just hook up your patchers compressed air system and start filling.

     With the Tankers onboard clean out system you can easily flush the emulsion valve and hose in seconds using a couple quarts of cleaning solvent.

     The Tanker is a 1000 gallon AMSE certified pressure vessel. Heated by two 1000 watt 220 volt industrial heating blankets. 

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