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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the repairs last?

The patches placed by the TOTAL PATCHER™ generally last many years and are considered to be    permanent.

Why do the repairs last so long?


The TOTAL PATCHER™ makes and dispenses a fluid asphalt mixture of emulsion and aggregate. The material penetrates into and becomes part of the adjoining surface. The TOTAL PATCHER completely SEALS the area to prevent further water damage from occurring. Stop the water and you stop the problem!


What type of problems with the TOTAL PATCHER™ repair?

The TOTAL PATCHER™ will repair potholes, alligator cracked areas, shoulder breaks, radius failures, utility cuts, low water crossings, culvert seating, and many others.


How long after the repair is made do we have to wait before resuming traffic on the area?

Generally traffic can resume immediately after the repair is made.  Traffic only make the repair better.


Can the TOTAL PATCHER™ work year round? 

 Yes, with few exceptions the TOTAL PATCHER™ can work in most weather conditions.


What surfaces can the TOTAL PATCHER™ repair?

The TOTAL PATCHER™ can repair asphalt, concrete, bricks, gravel, and even unimproved surfaces.


How hard is it to operate the TOTAL PATCHER™?

The TOTAL PATCHER™ is very easy to operate.  Most people will be making good smooth patches in less than 10 minutes.  Operators just cannot believe how easy it is.


Does it take any other special equipment to put the TOTAL PATCHER™ to work?

All you need is a dump truck to pull the machine and supply it with rock.  When the TOTAL PATCHER™ is not in use, the dump truck can resume its normal operations.


What is the normal crew to operate the  TOTAL PATCHER™?

One man to operate the truck and one man to operate the TOTAL PATCHER™.  Any other men for safety purposes are at your discretion.


How much tonnage can a crew produce in a day's operations?

The average crew will produce 10-15 tons of patching material per day.  May crews will produce over 20 tons per day.


Are the materials used by the TOTAL PATCHER™ special, or are they commonly available?

The TOTAL PATCHER™ uses commonly available emulsions, and crushed aggregates.  The magic is not in the materials, but in the way the TOTAL PATCHER™ produces and places its mixture.

Can I get a demonstation of the TOTAL PATCHER on my roads?

 Yes, call us and we will arrange a demonstration of the TOTAL PATCHER for your City, Town, or State DOT. We will even encourage you and your crew to run the TOTAL PATCHER.


If you have any questions or wish to purchase our products, please contact the company

toll-free 1-866-892-4737 (USA only), (317) 892-4737, or use the form found on our contact page.

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